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I have divided  my watercolors into a few categories. Each work is descibed by a size and type of paper.

Painting which are not  available or reserved have an info in description. Colours may look different depending of the monitor kind and settings.

The signature appearing on the watercolors is placed in a graphic program, and won't be present on the actual painting. It's a kind of watermark.

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Poemat Peonii

cztery akwarele 12x12cm, fontenay 300g

Currant promise

30x40cm, watercolor on fontenay 300g (unavailable)

Trzy piękności

22x30cm, akwarela na fontenay 300g

Autumn blues

30x40cm, akwarela na winsor&newton 300g

Gooseberry thicket

19 x 27 cm, akwarela na palazzo 270g (rezerwacja)

Blackberry grove

19 x 27 cm, watercolor on palazzo 270g (rezerwacja)

Wieczorny zachwyt II

29x39cm, akwarela na fontenay 300g

In duo

30x40cm, akwarela na fabriano gamma 300g

Single (rose)

17x20cm, akwarela na arches 300g

Iris return

30x30cm, watercolor on arches 300g

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